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Your arrival

At what time can I check in?

Your room will be ready from 2 pm latest.

Until when is there something to eat?

Karoline Keller is happy to get your main course order by 7.30 pm (in germany you eat early).

If you arrive later, please have dinner on the way.

Where is the entrance?

Our house guests are using the door at the front of the house unerneath the balcony.

I will arrive very late.

If there should be nobody in the house anymore to welcome you, you will find your welcome letter at the small reception desk at the front entrance (underneath balcony).

I will arrive very early.

If you want, you can leave your luggage with us (room will be ready at 2 pm at the latest). Please advise us in advance if you want to have breakfast with us.

I will arrive on Binderhäusl day off.

If we cannot welcome you personally, you will find your welcome letter at the small receptions desk at the entrance underneath the balcony. It will also give you a few restaurant recommendations.

Where can I put my car?

Our parking lots are directly in front of the house or on the right hand side towards the embankment. And even more on the opposite side of the street.

But please do not park in front of house #41!!

Where can I put my motorcycle?

You can put your bike into the little wooden open shelter on the right side of the house. If you bring your trailer, please leave it on the opposite side of the street an the gravel towards the sandpile.

Please do not park in front of house #41!

What's that?

Thanks to the assistance of our software supplier Easybooking you can comfortably fill out the legally required registration form from your sofa saving time and paperwork.

Do I have to check in online?

No. That's a free of charge service offered by us to save you and us time and paperwork.

What's then the benefit?

We can prepare the free of charge "Chiemgau card" for you and you can immediately take advantage of the many benefits after grabbing your room key even if we should not be present at your check in.

When do I have to leave the room?

Please check out by 10am, so that we have enough time to clean and prepare the room for the next guests with equal care.

Methods of payment?

You can pay your bill cash, by VisaPay, maestro, PIN Card of credit card.

How long is the Chiemgau Card valid?

You can make use of the free of charge Chiemgau Card even on your departure day.

Do I have to reserve a table?

No. When you booked halfboard or a package with meal included, then your table will be prepared from 6pm (but not later than 8pm)

Is there a halfboard menu selection?

No. Karo will prepare a 3-course surprise menu every evening (except restaurant day off wednesday & sunday).

Are beverages included?

No, your drinks will be charged separately.

I have a allergy!

Please let us know a few days before arrival, if you have an intolerance or allergy to food so that Karo is prepared to offer you the same quality of food.

I am vegetarian.

Please let us know a few days before arrival so that Karo can plan for your vegetarian menus.

I am vegan.

We do not offer vegan half board, so please order from our menu a la carte.

I will arrive very late.

If you arrive after 8pm, we ask you to eat on the way. The canceled menu will be deducted from your hotel bill.

Is there halfboard on the rest day?

No, on our days off (Wednesday and Sunday) Karo's kitchen "stays cold". We are happy to recommend restaurants in and around Inzell.

When is time for breakfast?

Breakfast will be served in the restaurant from 8.30 am till 10 am.

I have a lactose intolerance.

Please let us know a few days in advance, so that we can prepare appropriate products.

I can not eat something with gluten.

Please let us know a few days in advance so that we can get gluten-free bread and cereals.

Are dogs allowed in the restaurant?

Yes, dogs are allowed in our restaurant. Please let us know in advance that you will bring a dog, so that we can keep a table especially suitable for you.

May I bring a puppy?

No, puppies are not allowed in the restaurant or in the rooms.

Are dogs allowed in the hotel room?

Yes, we have some rooms where dogs are allowed to stay in.

Where can I put my bike?

We have a small garage, where the bikes can locked away. And there is also some place for your bicycle carrier.


With the free of charge "Chiemgau-Karte" you can rent at no cost some easy citybikes from our Inzell rental stations.

Here at the Binderhäusl you can rent hi-class fully e-Mountainbikes.

The biggest variety of rental bikes is offered at

Cleaning & repair the bike?

Yes, we have a free of charge cleaning station at the Binderhäusl and of course we can do small repairs with our bunch of bike tools.

If you have a big damage you should ask to handle it.